Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fireworks Display Used As Convolution Reverb IR Source On Music


A South Range, MI July 4th fireworks display is demonstrated for use as a convolution reverb impulse-response (IR) source applied to music. A Canon Powershot S3IS was used to capture the IR events on-site.

The recording environment was an out door hilly, mildly-mountainous forested area with partial urbanization, approximately twenty feet from a highway. Impulse events were approximately 500 feet above ground. Wind and spectator noise were present in the environment and were also recorded. Recorded material was edited in Audacity to mix multiple IR events, ultimately removing the noise by attrition. The resulting impulse was then tapered with the "fade out" function.

Convolution processed by ConvolveJ

All material including music (c) 2006,2012 Chuck Ritola.

Click Here For Demonstration Video

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