Friday, April 26, 2013

Ubuntu .deb package for Funcube Dongle Pro+ support in GNURadio Companion

This .DEB package installs a Funcube Dongle Pro+ sourceblock for GNU Radio Companion to Ubuntu. It is built from source posted by DL1KSV, implementing the FCDPP as a complex source and provides variable control to LNA On/Off, Center Frequency, Mixer Gain On/Off, Frequency Correction, and IF Gain from within GNU Radio Companion.

The * * Pro sourceblock which comes standard with GNU Radio will not properly control the * * Pro+ and vice versa. Like the source, the package is licensed GPL. The versioning scheme is representing the date the code was pulled from git and the git branch name.

Built and tested against Ubuntu 13.04 and Ubuntu's gnuradio package (3.6.1).

Built and tested against Ubuntu 12.10 AMD64 and ubuntu's gnuradio package (3.6.1).

Following installation, the FCDPP may need to be disconnected and reconnected in order to detect properly.

Note: I am fairly inexperienced with generating .deb packages. If there is a problem with the package please let me know.